Photographing newborns, babies, toddlers and children is always such a fun time in the studio. You can really never know what to expect, and you can really capture some great expressions from these interesting little people! If both mom & dad can come into the studio for the portrait session, it’s usually recommended, as we often have moms and dads helping to capture their baby’s attention, or when it’s time to take a break and relax a bit, play or even have a little snack. Our studio books about 2 weeks in advance for studio portrait sessions. Newborn sessions should ideally be booked before the birth, however, we can usually accommodate for these sessions with a bit less lead time. Ideally, newborn portraits should be done from 0-2 weeks, and these session are 3 hours in length. 


We have a basket of stuffed animals and books here in the studio for play time and for the photo sessions if requested, and we always suggest that you also bring your child’s favourite toy to the session. Sometimes parents like to bring a couple of clothing changes and even a costume as well, like this great duck costume which was absolutely adorable!baby0161.jpg

I specialize in Black & White portraiture, and photograph exclusively with professional black and white film and a medium format camera. Around 90% of my studio fine art portraits are Black & White. That said, I also offer colour as an option for these sessions, and please simply indicate this preference to us during your pre-consultation. 

Sometimes we get great expressions like this little guy…of course we also have many smiling and natural expressions from this session as well…but this image just brings a smile to my face. 


The key with newborn portraits is to try and keep them sleeping….some great tips are to try and feed your baby before the portrait session, so that they are already in a sleepy state. Bring some warm blankets, and try and dress them in clothing that you can easily get them out of without disturbing or waking them. We always keep our studio fairly warm for newborn sessions to ensure their comfort. 



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