Welcome to the first post for “From the archives” which is a new post series for  my blog. I will be sharing images from my own personal family archives. The older I get, the more I value the importance of preserving & remembering my family history. I am having so much fun learning about my family history through treasured photographs that I have gathered from my mom and my relatives and through the stories they have shared with me. These beautiful photographs are so lovely to hold in my hand. I am so very thankful for these treasured family keepsakes that have been passed down through the generations.

I love this old family portrait. That is my grandpa Nillo Klementti & my grandma Martta Klementti on the right hand side of the image with their first son, my uncle Olly. I have such fond memories of my grandparents. My grandma lived until she was 100 years old, passing away peacefully shortly after her 100th birthday. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the other people are in this portrait…I’ll have to find out from one of my relatives. Anyway, I look at this image, and I want to know the story of where this was taken. I love the expression on my grandparents faces. I want to share this image with my own daughter and remember where we came from. Our family. My grandparents came over here from Finland, separately, and met in Toronto. They fell in love, eventually moved north to Kirkland Lake so my grandpa could work in the mines and my grandma would stay at home and raise the children. From there, they moved back here to Minessing just outside of Barrie.

Sadly, my great uncle Ilka recently passed away. He was married to my grandma’s sister Hannah. I travelled with my two brothers to the visitation and funeral in Oshawa and spent the day there with my family sharing stories with each other. I also have such fond memories of him and Hanna from growing up and spending time on the lake at their cottage in Muskoka. I loved the sound of his voice, and his great laugh. I will look for some images of Hannah & Ilka and  hope to share more with you here on my blog.

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