This has been such a wonderful winter! We are a skiing & snowboarding family. I grew up skiing since I was 4 years old and so we knew when we had our daughter that we wanted to join a ski club. My husband has snowboarded since he was a teen, and I took up snowboarding in my twenties. Last year, we joined the Heights of Horseshoe, which is a private ski club just north of Barrie. This was our second season skiing there…yes, that’s right…we had our daughter skiing last year at the age of 2 1/2! Anyway, we had such a wonderful season this year. Camryn can now ski most of the hills on her own, and we spent every Saturday and Sunday out at the hill. We are thrilled that some of our friends joined the club this year too & have met so many wonderful families. The nice thing about the Heights is that it has such a family atmosphere and the skiing is great!

I wanted to share some fun natural portraits of my daughter & her best ski buddies. It is my goal this year to bring my real camera with me to capture all the great life moments, trips & events and at the end of the year to create an album filled with our families memories. I haven’t made an album for our family since Camryn’s newborn album…and she just turned 4!! The last canvases I had printed for my home were of Camryn when she was 2 1/2. I am missing a whole year and a half of images that are sitting in folders on my computer, on my iPhone and on external backups. Do I look at these photos? NO! I have forgotten about them… Things have been so busy with my business that I have neglected to take care of my own family’s memories and treasured keepsakes.  So, you can stay tuned to see my progress as the year goes on. I will definitely share the results with you too.

I think this is true for many people…life gets busy…we snap away capturing great images of our kids and families and then never have them printed. This is why I feel it is so important these days to have professional portraits of your family. Your professional portraits can be natural and relaxed like these fun lifestyle portraits and can capture a moment in your lives that you will cherish forever. Most importantly, you will have a collection of printed photographic art of your family. Please, do yourself a favour and hire a photographer who truly cares about delivering professionally printed finished product to you. This is so important!

It is a digital world, and all too often I hear of people who have lost years worth of personal photos because they never thought to get them printed and that truly breaks my heart. Although I have all of my own personal photos redundantly backed up, it is really no excuse for me to not have my most treasured photographs in prints, canvases and albums. I create beautiful keepsake albums, prints and canvases for my portrait clients all the time! Photographs are meant to be enjoyed in the real world and not on a computer or even worse only on a smart phone. Prints, canvases and albums are the best way to archive your family photographs and trush me, they will be cherished for years to come. You truly see the value of the photograph after it has been made. You look at your kid’s photos from over the years and remember the way they laughed, played, smiled and lived their lives. I truly don’t know of anything that has more meaning & value than treasured family photographs. Slow down, breathe for a moment and hold them close to your heart…your life…your memories….your love….your story.

I’ll be announcing some new offerings for lifestyle sessions soon…so stay tuned to the blog.

Celebrate the Art of Life.

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