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I’m Jen Klementti. I’m a photographer, creative director, and creative consultant. I help entrepreneurs and businesses shine by creating images for their brand that will strengthen their online presence and tell their brand story. I provide visual branding and creative direction consulting for entrepreneurs on how to authentically create their visual brand, and ultimately attract their target clientele.

I create art for your business, your life, and your home.

I believe in living a creative life, however that looks to you. I think we weren’t meant to be pigeon-holed into a certain career, or way of doing business. I have MANY different interests and for years, I struggled with how to integrate them all into my brand. For example, I had experts tell me that I could not be a portrait photographer and also book advertising or editorial clients. Yet, since day one, I have successfully attracted clients in all these genres.

I have also had others tell me that I can’t be a fine art photographer and also do commercial work. Yet, I have sold many limited edition fine art prints over the past 15 years. I was able to support my personal fine art photography through commercial, portrait and wedding work. In fact, some of the best commercial shoots that I have been hired for were when the client booked me BECAUSE of my fine art photographs which have a distinct visual style. I always bring a fine art approach to every photography commission.

I would listen to so many people, coaches and mentors in the creative industry who all said that you just can’t succeed in building a multi-passionate business or brand.

Well, I believe differently.

I believe that the best brands stay true to who they are, whether an independent business owner or a large well-known brand. To set yourself apart in the market, you need to know exactly who you are, even if that evolves, as it always will. Having multiple passions and strengths allows you to grow your brand when your goals change or when you want to pivot with the direction of your business or add in additional services or product.

My brand has grown and evolved so much over the years, however, my core values have always remained the same. Authentic. Inspired. Integrity. Connection.


Photography is very experiential, a way of life, it's about seeing the subtleties of our existence. As a photographer, I often submerge myself into my surroundings, keeping an open mind and being aware of the spontaneity and interaction of life around me. Photography is art, intuition and poetic expression.
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big ideas


art exhibit openings

dance parties

red wine & artisan cheese

outdoor music festivals


doing business with soul + creativity

styling all the pretty details for creative photo shoots

collaborating with like-minded creative soul-sisters (and brothers!)

weekends at the ski club

book club

stand up paddling and being on the water

hiking and being surrounded by nature

family time

cocktail or wine dates with good friends

luxury hotel suites…I find it hard to go back to a regular hotel room…

green beauty

living naturally + cooking great food

doterra essential oils

relaxing…and taking time to just be

the spontaneity of street photography…the place where this journey all began…


The camera as a tool of expression


“Photographs capture the honesty in life and enable us to see and remember the subtleties of our existence. A day. An event. A moment in time. Photography helps to define our lives by encapsulating who we are, where we were and every tiny detail that fades with memory. The language of photography is not confined to words or sentences. It is a language that transcends borders and communicates directly with the soul.” – Jennifer Klementti

Documentary portrait of the bride getting ready for her Muskoka wedidng


Elevate your brand through thoughtful and strategic creative direction and lifestyle photography. When styling and creative direction are done well, it can transform a brand. I’ll work with you to create a shot list, scout a location, source props for your photoshoot.

Fine Art Engagement Portrait details. Hand with engagement ring


Fine Art Wedding Photographer


One of my first contracts as a photographer in 2003 was as a photography contributor to Europe’s largest stock photography agency. I am excited to be launching my own styled stock photography available for purchase this summer.

Throughout the past 15 years, I have always been drawn to the details, the subtleties, textures, colours, and composition of still life and styled photographs. It’s in my blood. 

Jennifer is one of the best detail photographers that I have ever worked with. She photographs details like noone else. – Elizabeth Johnston, Designer & Creative Director