What is fine art portraiture? This term is being used by many photographers nowadays to describe their aesthetic or their approach to portrait photography.

So what is Fine Art?

Well, according to the dictionary, fine art is:

  1. creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for thier imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
  2. an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment

I believe that fine art portraits are the collision of the creative process and an idea which drives the vision of the photographer. It is an artistic photographic genre and is the expression of how the photographer sees the world.

I love this fine art black & white portrait of my husband, Casey. I had a 20×30 archival print made of this image that was framed and hangs in my studio.

A fine art portrait that truly captures a moment in time, a feeling or expression of your life that is truly unique and original will be cherished forever.

Fine art portraits add life and visual interest to any environment.

The art that you choose for your home is also a reflection of your taste and your individual style.

Are you looking for creative personalized photographic art for your home? My fine art + documentary portrait session may be just what you’re looking for. Please email or give me a call at the studio to discuss some creative ideas for your next portrait session.

This next fine art portrait is titled Mobile Home. I created this image in 2003 in downtown Vancouver on the east side which has historically been an area where many homeless people live. I was so moved by the scene that I had stumbled upon that I instinctively lifted my camera, set a slow shutter speed and photographed this image with intentional camera shake to create this beautiful motion blur. One moment, one frame, that’s it. I’m not great at describing my work, but this has always been one of my favourite photographs. I simply feel the emotion of this portrait.

This photograph was published in PhotoLife Magazine in 2003 and one of the limited edition prints was auctioned off years ago in support of the David Busby Centre which is a community not-for-profit organization advocating for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario. 

The fine art print is a limited edition of 10, 24″x36″. Currently, there are 7 more prints available in the edition.

black and white portrait of homeless man

Here is another fine art portrait of paddleboarders. I had them paddle in a row along the shore at varying speeds and captured this image using a slower shutter speed. 

fine art portrait of paddle boarders

The next image is from a fine art portrait session at the lake here in Barrie. This session was the perfect mix of documentary photographs capturing the two girls playing together and conceptual portraits to capture the fleeting innocence of childhood.

Fine Art Portrait Photographer

If you are interested in something that is a little bit out of the ordinary, why not consider a fine art + documentary portrait session? I call it this because these sessions are often a blend of documentary storytelling imagery as well as some conceptual fine art portraiture. The session is completely customizable to you.

I will work together with you to create something original and creative of you and your family. I love thinking outside of the box!

I also work together with my clients to ensure that the display of their fine art portraits blends naturally with their home décor. I have a keen eye for contemporary display and I have had over fifteen years of experience designing wall galleries for my clients. Important aesthetic considerations for your photographs will include scale and various presentation formats. I can work collaboratively with you or with your interior designer to ensure that your portrait art blends perfectly into your home.

So, what do you think?

Share which image is your favourite in the comments below or tell me what you think makes a great fine art portrait. 

I love to connect with you here on the blog. Let’s get the conversation started.