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I have been loving taking photos with my iPhone using the Instagram app. In my very busy life, it has allowed me to be able to create little pieces of art on the fly…capturing moments from my daily life, my travels to and from my studio, with my family, or just about anywhere. I have been producing quite a collection of images using the Instagram, and have some of them now available as small prints here in my gallery.

So when I see that beautiful light cascading across an open field, I can capture it now with Instagram…instead of thinking to myself “I wish I had my camera with me”…of course it is not replacing my camera as my main tool for the art I produce, it is just another tool that I now can now use in my daily life.

It allows me to be creative in any moment while still balancing my hectic schedule of commissioned client work, personal fine art work with my personal & family life…I think this is the pure joy of Instagram…

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! …And Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. I know what love is because of you! oxox

Here are a few of the latest…

Jennifer Klementti

Jennifer Klementti

Jennifer Klementti

Bringing a little art to your every day…