Personal Brand

A great personal brand showcases a lifestyle and has all the elements in place. Great logo, colours, website, amazing services or products. Now all you need is beautifully styled photography to define the essence of your brand.

If you are building a personal brand or you are the heart and soul of your brand, you need stylized lifestyle images to capture who you are and your brand personality.

Styled Flat Lay

Flat lay images are a great tool for your visual branding. A glimpse into your style. Add colour to your website and create a visual flow with your social media. Beautifully styled flat lay photographs will enhance your brand.

Lifestyle Photography

Styled photos of you in your element. What is it that you do? Are you a floral designer? A restaurant owner? A life or business coach? A nutritionist? Whatever it is that you do, let’s tell your story together.

Custom Stock Photography

What kind of feeling do you want to create? Custom stock photos created specifically for your brand can be used in many ways. Use these images as conversation starters. Add colour and visual flow to your brand.

Photography as the message

You know that saying? “A picture is worth a 1000 words?”. Well, it’s true. I can help you define your brand essence through my client process, styling, and photography.

Brand Personality

Are you a tea drinker or do you love cocktails? Share what you love to personalize your brand and start conversations. We’ll go over this in our consultation before our photoshoot.

The Best Photographs are a magical mix of planning, styling and of course the connection with your photographer during the shoot.

A lot of creativity goes into producing images for your brand. Creative direction, prop styling, lighting style, and photographic technique are all the elements that go into crafting magical images. When you book a lifestyle brand session with me, I will guide you on pulling together a cohesive look with props to match your brand and then we’ll style it for you.

The photographs that we create will give your clients a glimpse into the personality of your brand and what you can create for them, or what it’s like to work with you.

Learn how to use your photos to create a brand and start attracting your ideal clientele. My Social Media Guide shares the apps that I use and how to rock your social media.

Messaging and storytelling are very important. My guide also teaches you how to tell your story in a way that will attract your ideal clientele.