A great business portrait is a very valuable tool in marketing your visual brand. Your business portrait will project the image of your company as well as your professional services. Your business portrait should portray the image that you would like to project of yourself, your company & your brand.

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A great way to build a level of trust and confidence with your existing & potential clients is to use your professional business portrait online. A great business portrait will build this trust & enhance your professional image on your website, blog, facebook fan page, twitter, linked in & other social media sites. People like to be able to see who you are and feel like they can connect with you.
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Your business portrait is one of the most important tools that you can use today to enhance press releases, publicity strategies, your professional web presence as well as prospective speaking contracts. A great business portrait will pique the reader’s interest in you as an individual which will lead them to visit your company’s website to find out more about you and your business, which will ultimately lead to more business.

The trend of relationship marketing has continued to grow over the past number of years. The basic goal of relationship marketing is to connect with people in a real way & to establish a loyal and long-term relationship with your clients. It is becoming increasingly important to invest in your company’s image as well as your own professional image. The more often your target market sees your professional portrait, the more connection they will have with you. This is how we start to build relationships with our target market.

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Many of the professionals that I work with are looking for a variety of images to use for different marketing purposes.

Using your business portrait to create a trusting relationship with your existing & potential clients will ensure brand loyalty. It will also encourage your clients to refer you to their friends, colleagues & family because people refer who they trust.

Your appearance, including what you choose to wear for your portrait, your hair & makeup (for women) will play as important a role in your final image as the composition & lighting. It is important to consider your attire, as it will ultimately affect how people will perceive you. You will also want to carefully consider the personality that you want to project in your professional business portrait. I work with all of my clients coaching them throughout the session to produce great images with a strong visual impact. I find that most business people nowadays, no matter what industry, want to be perceived as professional, yet trusting & approachable. We will work together with you to ensure that your professional image is exactly what you want it to be.

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Ultimately your business portrait will have an important impact on your opportunity to make a lasting impression for your potential & existing clients. It is important to have your business portrait updated every 1-2 years. One of the worst things that you can do is to never update your business portrait. I cannot stress the importance of keeping your business portrait current. An up to date business portrait shows your clients that you care about your professional image, which in turn builds their trust in your professional services. My lifestyle brand sessions are often photographed at your place of work,  your home or at another location of your choice depending on the image that you want to portray & the industry that you work in.

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-Jennifer Klementti