We live in a highly visual world these days. It is more important than ever to be sure that you incorporate amazing images with strong visual impact to represent your company & your brand.

There are many ways that you can use professional photographs to not only attract your target clientele, but to also keep current & potential customers engaged with your brand as well as drive business & increase revenue.

Whatever industry you are in, you most likely have a website & blog and use printed materials for your marketing and advertising. You need to be prepared to capture attention immediately with great design, branding & professional photography to engage your current & potential customers. Though often overlooked, photography is one of the most critical components of your professional branding online and in print. With the popularity of Pinterest as well, having great professional images on your site & blog can bring even more traffic to your site and boost your brand awareness as well. Each image that is pinned on Pinterest provides a direct link back to your website or blog.

I have had the amazing opportunity to photograph for many different corporate, industrial editorial & advertising clients. I alway work together with my clients to ensure that we are capturing images that tell the story of their brand & company.

Here are some samples of some recent images that I photographed for a developer. This developer has a very high end brand & was targeting their marketing towards an affluent clientele that appreciates high quality, attention to detail & has an affinity to the good life. The art direction for the shoot was to capture images that were very stylized and not too main stream for the brand. The client wanted my fine art approach & visual style to be very prominent in each image.

“The images should be vibrant & sexy with cool colour tones. Lighting should be ‘happy & smiling’.” -Art Director for the project