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I’m Jen Klementti. I’m a brand photographer, creative director, and content marketing specialist. Since 2003, I have worked with many brands creating tailored and authentic images that will strengthen their online presence and tell their brand story.

I provide brand photography and content creation as well as creative direction for brands to help them attract their target clientele.

My studio is based in Barrie, Ontario and serves a diverse group of clients within the sectors of design, wellness, beauty, hospitality, lifestyle, tourism, food, as well as industry & manufacturing.

My services include brand photography, content creation, creative direction, SEO & content marketing as well as Pinterest marketing. I currently have space to serve one more content marketing client. Keep scrolling for details.


Photography is very experiential, a way of life, it's about seeing the subtleties of our existence. As a photographer, I often submerge myself into my surroundings, keeping an open mind and being aware of the spontaneity and interaction of life around me. Photography is art, intuition and poetic expression.
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Documentary portrait of the bride getting ready for her Muskoka wedidng


Elevate your brand through thoughtful creative direction and strategic visual brand strategy. Photography is important for your overall visual identity. Well-executed brand imagery will ensure that your visual messaging showcases the true essence of your brand, your mission, what you offer.

Every image that you share across platforms should communicate your brand story that will attract your ideal clients and customers.

Services include creative direction, custom concept creation,  mood board, and shot list.


Toronto Editorial Portrait Photographer


Creating dynamic and authentic lifestyle images for brands. Specializing in the sectors of lifestyle, wellness, beauty, food, design, hospitality, tourism, as well as industry &  manufacturing.

Imagery is the first connection to your brand that most people will have. Bring clarity to your brand story, attract your ideal clients, and stand out from the crowd.






SEO + Content Marketing, Pinterest Marketing


I work with a handful of small to medium size businesses on content creation, content marketing through blogging, SEO optimization, and Pinterest marketing.

These services include keyword research, on-page SEO optimization to rank higher in search engine results organically, link building strategies, visual content creation/photography, content marketing for organic search traffic.

Helping my partners grow their business through authentic creative and content solutions that deliver purposeful and consistent communication, while driving organic online growth.


Custom fine art

My love for photography began in the streets of my travels. I have always loved creating photographic art for myself and for clients.  My photographic art is held in personal and corporate art collections.Below is one of my favourite images from a trip to Paris in 2014.

If you’re interested in original photographic art for your business or home, let’s chat.

Le Consulat, Montmartre, Paris, 2014

The camera as a tool of expression


“Photographs capture the honesty in life and enable us to see and remember the subtleties of our existence. A day. An event. A moment in time. Photography helps to define our lives by encapsulating who we are, where we were and every tiny detail that fades with memory. The language of photography is not confined to words or sentences. It is a language that transcends borders and communicates directly with the soul.” – Jennifer Klementti

Image: Le Consulat, Montmartre, Paris, 2014