Business headshots are an important and valuable tool that you can use to connect with your clients and to help build trust in you as a professional. When people see how much you invest in yourself, your business & your professional image, they feel confident about hiring you. It is really a very small investment to make with huge potential for ROI, return of your investment.

I photograph business portraits both in the studio & on location in Barrie, the GTA & central Ontario regions.

Here are my top 10 reasons to update your business headshots.

1. The about page on your website is one of the most visited pages. Ensure that you use great headshots so your audience can get to know you.

This is the first introduction to you and your business. All business is built on trust. You absolutely NEED to have high-quality portraits & photographs on your website to help build trust with your clients & your prospects.  My client Gord Waites is a realtor specializing in luxury Muskoka properties. This portrait of Gord expresses confidence and also captures the essence of luxury real estate in Muskoka.

luxury realtor portraits

2. Use your blog to drive organic traffic to your website and to be of service to your audience.

Your blog is where you continually connect with people by providing updates, information, and insights about you & your profession. Professional business headshots are a very important aspect of creating your personal brand. Your appearance and dress should reflect on how you would like others to perceive you. Your headshot will project an image of yourself and your company to the world, so it is very important to have them regularly updated by a professional photographer. I loved this session with Apryl and Sarah of This Kinda Life. They are mom bloggers and they also own TKL Media which is a social media and content creation company.

portrait of Apryl and Sarah of This Kinda Life

3. Show your clients who you are and what you stand for on Twitter.

Twitter profiles are small. Stand out amongst everyone else on Twitter with a fabulous headshot. This will help attract attention to your tweets as people quickly scroll through their feeds. A great headshot will help your tweet stand out amongst the rest.

4. How to attract your target clientele with your Pinterest bio.

Pinterest has quickly become an amazing online tool for businesses looking to reach their target audiences. Pinterest is a great way to showcase to the world (and your potential clients) who you are as a person, what you like, your style & your inspiration. Remember, people hire other people who they connect with. What better way to connect with someone than through shared interests.

I love Pinterest. It is my secret weapon to continue driving traffic to my website. In fact, Pinterest is THE top driver of traffic to both of my business websites. If you saw my recent post about Alt Summit, one of our keynote speakers was Ben Silbermann the creator of Pinterest. You can check out that post here.

Personal Brand Photographer

5. Why you need a professional portrait for your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is essentially a very large business meeting online. I am always so shocked that many people do not have professional photos on their linked in profile. The people who stand out are the ones with GREAT professional headshots. You wouldn’t show up to a business meeting in person without ensuring that you look AMAZING, would you?

Professional Lawyer Headshot

6. Facebook isn’t dead. In 2019, Facebook is still quite relevant for growing your business.

Pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days & Facebook continues to be a huge source of driving traffic to websites. Facebook is a great informal social media platform for networking & for connecting with people. I love seeing relaxed, fun or different headshots of the entrepreneurs and business owners that I follow on Facebook. I go to Facebook to socialize with friends and family and so I love to see images that aren’t stuffy or too posed. Give me real and authentic every day!

7. Why lifestyle headshots are so important on Instagram.

Instagram is my digital playground of choice and is another social media platform that is being used by business owners & professionals as a way to connect with & network online.  Instagram, of course, is a very visual social media platform, so get creative with your profile image so that your audience connects with you immediately. In 2019, it’s important to also be posting more photos of yourself throughout your Instagram fee as well. This is one of the main reasons that my lifestyle brand sessions have become so popular because together we create images that capture the essence of your personal brand.

Professional Headshots

8. Printed Marketing Materials are enhanced when you include a professional headshot so that your audience knows who is behind the brand.

Many of the professionals and companies that I work with incorporate their headshots into their printed marketing materials. This can also be used as a tool to build trust with your clients. I work with real estate professionals, mortgage agents, professionals within the financial industry, law firms, landscaping & gardening companies, health care clinics and any other small businesses. Competition is fierce in every industry these days, so now more than ever, it is so important to have a GREAT professional headshot.  I always recommend one ‘look’ when working with large companies. It is important that there is some continuity in the look of your headshots when large teams or associates are involved. Give us a call to find out about our group pricing for headshots.

portrait of Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman

9. Headshots are a great tool for professional speaking and for media or press releases.

Many of our clients use professional headshots for professional speaking engagements. This is where our extended and lifestyle sessions are a great option for professionals who want to provide the absolute best images of themselves for a variety of uses. Media & Press often require headshots as well. You want to ensure that you are providing an image that represents your professional brand.

10. The return on your investment for professional headshots and lifestyle branding photos will be much more than the cost of the session.

If everything was equal between you and your competitors…people will choose the supplier with the best professional image. That’s you! Of course, after you come into our studio to update your headshots!;) The world is a competitive place & you don’t want to be left behind. Do yourself a huge favour & invest the time, money & effort into updating your headshots regularly. When people see how much you invest in yourself, your business & your professional image, they feel confident about hiring you. It is really a very small investment to make that will with huge potential for ROI, the return of your investment.

Don’t put it off any longer! Book your headshot session today. The majority of our clients choose our extended headshot session ($275 & three fully retouched digital files) or our lifestyle headshot session ($600 & ten fully retouched digital files). With so  many platforms to present your professional image, it is important to use a variety of images.

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